Our CBD Product Standards

At Oprima, we want to shine a light on the future and set standards for others to follow. Our vision for the CBD industry is heavy on compliance, transparency, consistency, and quality. We want to build a world where education, innovation, and safe production make CBD available to all.

We’re in this business to build lasting, trusting relationships with our customers. That’s why we adhere to the strictest safety standards in the industry. We want to do it right, and we’re committed to making our process transparent.

GMP Formulated and Packaged

We understand excellent quality control is paramount to our customers well-being. Our products are formulated and packaged at a partnered GMP facility here in Washington State. A third-party certification program examined the facility where we formulate and package our CBD through an audit and inspection.

Testing and Evaluation

At Oprima, our team is detail-oriented. Before a CBD batch can be released for sale, we test it in our own facilities for potency, impurities, appearance, and other quality factors. But since we really want to make sure a quality product comes your way, we also send it out for third-party testing. If the batch doesn’t meet our standards, it won’t find its way to you.

Our Services

White Label

Whether you’re hoping to expand your brand or just get started in the CBD industry, Oprima is here to help. With our White Labeling service, you’ll find the same quality, consistency, and transparency you’ve come to expect from Oprima. Have confidence, sit back, and relax with quality White Label products, finished for you.

Contact us today to start the process.

Toll Processing

Toll processing allows you to convert your RAW hemp material into crude, full spectrum hemp distillate, THC free distillate and Isolate. Toll processors go through the necessary procedures to create a final product according to specifications.

Toll Distillation Services/Full Spectrum

Toll distillation services purify and select crude full spectrum hemp CBD oil into refined full spectrum hemp CBD distillate which can be sold or further processed.

Toll Isolation Services

Toll CBD isolation services turn CBD oil or distillate into purified CBD isolate crystals which can be sold or sent for contract manufacturing into finished products.

THC Free Formulation/Broad Spectrum

THC formulation services are done with our proprietary processes to formulate complete THC free products. Formulation starts with our Full Spectrum distillate to achieve non-detectable THC (aka zero THC). The refined product can be sold or sent globally.

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